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- What kind of results can I expect from your program?

I will guide and use our expertise to provide you with the best opportunity, but at the end of the day, only you are capable of improving yourself. The results of each athlete vary depending on age, body and work ethic. You will get out just as much as you put in.

- Why do you use different variations of weighted balls?

Weighted balls are a training tool that can serve as a training aid when used properly. It can build strength in various muscle groups that can overall improve a player’s performance. However if used improperly can cause strain of certain muscle groups that can lead to serious injuries.

- What does a typical Lesson look like?

A typical lesson averages 30 minutes.

- Hitting: I usually start with a warmup session, then we jump into hitting drills that targets specific areas of the swing. Then I move from underhand to overhand toss so players can experience a more game like feel while adding any last-minute adjustments.

- Fielding: Fielding lessons start with a quick evaluation of the players movement and ability. Then I move into footwork drills and hand eye coordination drills.

- How old do I have to be to start training?

I train anyone from age 6 and up. The earlier an athlete starts practicing correct movements and learning the game the greater their chance of increasing his or her skill level will be.

- Do you only train hitters?

I train both hitters and fielders.

- How long should I train with DHB?

There is always work to be done, the more work you are willing to put in the better you will get.

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