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Jackson Brown
CVCC-Lenoir Rhyne 

"Dustin has helped me tremendously in the game of baseball. He has helped me grow as an athlete to give me the tools that I need to grow and to continue to grow even at the college level to keep me on the field and playing. Anytime I feel or see a gap in my game I can go to Dustin to help me get back to where I left off." - Jackson Brown

Brett Eurey 

"Dustin has helped me to become a complete hitter throughout college baseball. We have worked to increase bat speed and hitting to all parts of the field with power. This has helped to add another tool to my game. If I ever have any issues with my swing it only takes a few cuts with Dustin to get back on track. Dustin is not just a great coach but a great guy off the field. Thank you Dustin! #noexcuses #sowhat" - Brett Eurey  

Jordan Montgomery 
Campbell- CVCC-

"Through the hard work with Dustin he was able to help me to understand my cold zone and how to read pitchers tendencies. Along with the added confidence that I can hit any pitch and the understanding of how dangerous of a hitter I can be" - Jordan 

Trey Truitt
ECU- NC State

"Dustin has been one of the best coaches I’ve ever worked with not from a fundamental standpoint but great with the mental part of the game as well. Dustin has helped me with many flaws in my game wether it be a little bitch in my swing to helping me with the mental side of the game as well. Dustin also always stays positive even in the worse situations and keeps everyone else around him positive as well. 

Dustin also owns the Heat facility which in my opinion is the best facility in the state of NC to go grind and get your game to the next level. Great weight room, tons of full sized cages, Rapsodo, and any thing else a athlete could need to develop. If your looking to improve your game and get to the next level you need to go to the Heat Facility in Newton, NC and get lessons with Dustin.... it’ll change your game in a big way!"

-Trey Truitt 

Carson Bryant 
Emory & Henry 

"Thanks for all the help you have given me over the years that has gotten me playing college ball. I wont forget the hospitality you showed me when you took over the old facility. Thank you for always letting come hit and throw and be apart of all your lessons. You have had the biggest impact on my game then any other ball coach. The countless BP rounds that you have thrown me will not be taken for granted. You've taught me how to love the game and how to play it the right way. Just wanted to say thanks for for all that you've done for me over the last few years I wouldn't be the ball player I am now if it wasn't for you." -Carson Bryant 

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