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There's #1440 minutes in a day, #sowhat if you fail one day, keep chasing after that dream the next. #DontBlend with the people around you, stand out, be different, be TeamdHB! 



With the tools that I have acquired from my many years at the highest level, I have acquired multiple different tools to help break down both the offensive and defensive sides of the game to a fundamental level. 


I work with a lot of other influencers and great baseballminds to bring informal and beneficial camps. Personally I conduct clinics that focus on a specific part of a players game to that will set them above others.

Online Training

I will offer online training, from videos of swings and break them down and send feedback with instructions, visual data, and statistical data. I will build an instructive hitting process for clients to track progress.


I offer the ability for players to track their growth throughout lessons, games, practices, and training sessions.

Data Measurement

Tools such as Rapsodo,  Stalker Pro II, Blast Motion, and a Edgertronic slow motion camera  all gives my clients accurate data and feedback to make informed adjustments.

Recruitment Videos
IMG_2198 (1).JPG

A recruitment video is a one-on-one scheduled time slot where I take high quality videos of my athletes’ fielding, hitting, pitching and catching abilities to showcase their skills in a video format to have available to send to college coaches.

Mission Statement

To share the game that has been so good to me. To provide the knowledge and professional skills to a determined youth player to help provide them a pathway to long term success. Through dedication and determination, a goal can be reached, but with knowledge and understanding your opportunities can soar.

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